The machine


The Ecocut 2050 is designed to cut grass on any plantation.

The machine is designed for a healthier life. Less poison means less pollution. Many poisons are used all over the world so that no grass grows around trees or other things to eradicate weeds.

Ecocut 2050 is the grass cutter that will solve these problems! It mows around the object, tree, road.


It is a cross-shaped mower, which can be opened after each obstacle (tree,
vine, guard rail, etc.) by 90 degrees independently. It mows immediately after
immediately after the obstacle, without delay! The cutting width of the mower (standard) is
60 cm, minimum distance between obstacles 25 – 30 cm. The overall height is 6.5 cm. The
Drive can be via power take-off (cardan), hydraulic approx. 30L/min, petrol-diesel engine
min. 5 PS can be operated, depending on version and request.
Standard: The width without drive bracket is approx. 90-110 cm per version.
The drive bracket is optional in length if desired. In addition, an automatic infeed and outfeed as well as a hydraulic lifting device can be installed at 90 degrees.
can be mounted vertically, for narrow and narrow places.

Product variants

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Development & Patent

The Ecocut 2050 machine was developed and patented by Igor Gottardi.